Ways to Schedule Your Deposition

It’s easy to schedule a court reporter, interpreter, or videographer to appear at your next hearing, trial, or deposition.


Because we take pride in a simple, no-nonsense process to get you the professionals you need, we’re constantly streamlining our technology.  For your convenience, here are the ways you can schedule with us:

Schedule Online

On the home page of our website, www.depo.com, simply click “Schedule” to be taken to our scheduling form.  You’ll need to provide simple information about the firm booking the court reporter, what services you need, and when and where you’ll need us.  You can specify whether the deposition will be telephonic or whether you will need a videographer or interpreter.  Our detailed form ensures that you are able to keep organized and ask for everything you need in one convenient place.


Schedule in Our Secure Client Portal

You can also schedule services using the form inside our client portal.  If you already have an account with us, you can click “Client Login” to visit our scheduling page confidentially and safely.


Schedule by Email

If you prefer, you can schedule a court reporter via email.  Simply attach your deposition notice to the message and email scheduling@depo.com.


Schedule by Phone

Need someone today or the next business day?  Just prefer to talk to a live person?  Call 800-288-3376 to reach us and book a court reporter for your trial or deposition.  Via this number, you can also reach our after-hours line if you need to get in touch in the evenings or on weekends.


Get in touch through any of our scheduling methods. You contact us, and we’ll handle the rest.