We are a thriving company of over 170 employees, all who work together to efficiently put out the most accurate and high quality products possible.

We are a deposition services company, a very specific field of business in the legal industry, every day ensuring that we are there to serve our clients, who are attorneys, law firms, large corporations, and government agencies.

We work with the most experienced court reporters, interpreters, and videographers.  Established in 1987, we have the years of experience behind us to know who and what is needed to make our clients’ lives easier.

Our employees work hard in and out of the office.  They truly want the best for our clients, and they do everything in their power to ensure that.  Not only do we put in the hours to get the job done, whether it’s setting a client job with all the exact specifications or working to get the right reporter, interpreter, or videographer coverage, they complete what’s needed with Heart.

Curating relationships with clients and each other for years, this family-owned business in many ways performs like one, and that’s how we make the difference!

Making more of an impact online in recent years, we wanted to reach our clients, new and old, in yet another way.

This is how our blog DepoTalk was born.

We hope you enjoy our articles.  You might even discover something unique about how we operate behind the scenes!

We are always open to suggestions as well, so be sure to comment if prompted!

Thank you,
From all of us at Atkinson-Baker