Celebrating 30 Years

For 30 years, Atkinson-Baker has been a leading provider of court reporting services. To understand the success of Atkinson-Baker requires an understanding of the company’s development over the past three decades.

Sheila Atkinson-Baker, President of Atkinson-Baker Court Reporters, knows the Atkinson-Baker journey better than anyone.

The Origin of Atkinson-Baker

In 1975 Sheila graduated from her local community college’s court reporting program.  Attending this program was a natural fit for Sheila’s skills and interests, given that while still in high school she took a correspondence course in court reporting and had always had a natural interest in language.

After graduating from her court reporting program, Sheila spent more than a decade as a professional court reporter before deciding to start Atkinson-Baker in 1987.  The decision to create Atkinson-Baker was made in the family room of Sheila’s home, but it was not a decision that was made lightly.

Rather, after more than a decade of working as a court reporter, Sheila saw a unique opportunity for a company like Atkinson-Baker.  Sheila had worked in courts in states as diverse as Florida, Wisconsin, and California, and she also had experience doing freelance court reporting while covering depositions.

This level of depth and familiarity with court reporting helped her realize that there was an abundance of court reporting jobs in Los Angeles compared to the court reporters who were available on the market. This insight caused Sheila and her husband to develop a strong working relationship with individual court reporters, which led to covering overflow work that other firms were unable to cover.

The experience gleaned from this overflow work led to the essential insight that led to the creation of Atkinson-Baker:  Atkinson-Baker was designed to match clients with the right court reporter for the job, regardless of any extenuating circumstances.


The First Year at Atkinson-Baker

Few businesses can claim to achieve success in their first year of operation, but Atkinson-Baker is just such a company.  Sheila recalls the need to bring on more people who could help because of the volume of business Atkinson-Baker received.

Even so, at the root of the company’s success was its family-owned and operated structure.  At the core of the business model were three people: Sheila, her husband Alan, and her sister Judy.

Sheila handled the court reporting, technical delivery, and taking care of any and all technical issues that arose regarding services delivered.  Alan helped formulate the organizational structure, while also paving the roadmap for the business as a state-of-the-art court reporting firm.  Additionally, he handled functions like taking client orders and scheduling services until new people were hired.

Last, but far from least, Judy helped the business run smoothly by handling additional administrative functions, processing, and transcript delivery.  Just as important to Atkinson-Baker’s growth, she helped train new employees as the business grew.


The Atkinson-Baker Difference

2017 marks the 30th year of Atkinson-Baker, a milestone that did not happen by accident. From Atkinson-Baker’s first day, company executives and staff have operated the business with a singular purpose: providing clients with the very best support services.

Sheila’s more than three decades of experience in court reporting give her the insight to know what clients need and want.  From there, her team and staff work diligently to provide clients with the services that meet their needs.  Staying true to these principles have helped Atkinson-Baker transform from a family-owned, three-person team to a thriving business of more than 170 employees and 1,000-plus court reporters today.

Clients who choose Atkinson-Baker receive services from a company that has taken no shortcuts since 1987.  At Atkinson-Baker, the company makes a commitment to:

  • Hire, train, and apprentice its own talent
  • Ensuring that a qualified reporter arrives to depositions on time and provides an accurate transcript with a timely turnaround
  • Accurately invoice and collect for the services it provides

Contact our team for more information about Atkinson-Baker’s history and our services.