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Global Deposition Services

At Atkinson-Baker, our client base reaches out to us for deposition services domestically, and our team confidently provides court reporters across the country. What our clients may not know is that Atkinson-Baker is equally capable of offering global court reporting services, as evidenced by a recent deposition we helped set up in Hong Kong.

A client reached out to us in need of deposition services in Hong Kong. Three days later, the logistics had been handled and the deposition was set up.

We extensively research global options for our clients when booking international depositions. As a general rule, we ensure that the parties and reporters can travel safely and that there are no legal roadblocks to conducting a deposition at a given location. If there are legal obstacles or safety risks involved, we will quickly notify the client to work out alternative options.

How Atkinson-Baker Handles Global Depositions


Whether your firm is large or small, we are capable of providing reliable and efficient global depositions. Our recent global deposition in Hong Kong attests to this.

For our Hong Kong deposition, we first took our client’s request via their Atkinson-Baker Client Consultant, who obtained all the necessary information regarding the deposition location and any logistical concerns.

With this information in hand, we researched available locations, court reporters, interpreters, and videography services. We then provided a quote for the services needed. Upon approval from the client, we swiftly booked the logistics and placed the deposition on our calendar.

Once we receive the preliminary information, we can set up a global deposition promptly and reliably. In fact, the time frame for setting up a global deposition is largely the same time frame as for our domestic depositions, once the quote is finalized. That said, providing the quote can take extra time, due to the additional location research and potential unfamiliarity with a given location. In all, the Hong Kong quote took three days to prepare, which is a fairly standard timeline to expect for quote preparation.

Technology Used for the Hong Kong Deposition
The Hong Kong deposition utilized a videographer, a court reporter, and an interpreter. In addition, three of the parties participated in the deposition via web conferencing, utilizing our web-based application assists the parties to conduct global depositions from a remote location. This technology successfully assisted in eliminating travel inconvenience and costs for the parties.

Whatever your global deposition needs might be, Atkinson-Baker has the requisite tools and resources for handling international depositions. Keep in mind, however, that advance notice is key in ensuring smooth deposition logistics.

Contact Atkinson-Baker for more information about how we can assist you with reliable global deposition services.

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